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2017 Qualifications

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2017 Qualifications

1. The corporation must be legally established in the Taiwan region and engaged in
    domestic operations and efforts, and must be a either a public or private
    enterprise or organization acting within the boundaries of the Republic of China.

2. Nominations are submitted by domestic and foreign government agencies, NGOs,
    enterprises, and academics, with disclosure of the nominee, the nominee
    qualifications and guidelines are detailed in Appendix 1.

3. Participants must participate in evaluation of their Corporate Sustainability Report.
    Submission should include the most recent two year (2015 or 2016) CSR reportage,
    with disclosure contents covering 2014 or 2015 calendar years including any of
    corporate ESG information, sustainability, and social responsibility reports.
4. Where corporate sustainability efficacy has already been successfully implemented,
    the participant may select from among the following award categories for participation
    -「Corporate Comprehensive Performance」 or 「Best Performance of Specific

Award Participation and Awarding Overview

1. Any enterprise participating in this Award, must also register for the “Corporate
    Sustainability Report” category evaluation, and international enterprises may use
    their branch/subsidiary CSR report, to determine whether to register to participate
    in the “Corporate Sustainability Report” category evaluation.

2. Taiwan enterprises must have meritorious activities for the “Corporate Sustainability
    Report” Award, and any one Award in the Best Performance of Specific Category,
    and Corporate Comprehensive Performance award category qualifications, though an
    international enterprise is exempt from said requirements.

3. The “Corporate Sustainability Report” Award winners may not receive another award
    for other “Corporate Sustainability Report”category awards.

    Ex. 1: First time CSR publishing participants participating in the “Corporate
              Sustainability Report” Award category evaluation, who place in the top 50
              and win the “Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Report Awards”, shall not be
              eligible for winning the New Comer Sustainability Report Award.

    Ex. 2: Small and medium-sized enterprises participating in the “Corporate Sustainability
              Report” Award categories evaluation, who are in the top 50 places and win the “
              Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Report Awards”, shall not be eligible for winning
              the SME Sustainability Report Award.