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Judging Benefits

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I. For the judge
1. Develop cutting-edge professionalism, and study the way to success in corporate sustainability.
- Understand corporate sustainability reportage preparation standards, self-analysis, and diagnostics for reportage contents.
- Understand domestic and international enterprises efforts, undertake comparison, and assist in enhancing corporate sustainability reportage quality.

2. Enhance visibility and international perspectives.
- Enjoy working with and getting to know professional experts, forming the TCSA Judging Team.
- Add another experience to your professional career development.

3. Become a member of the Corporate Sustainable Net Civic Forum.
- The evaluation process is transparent, and welcomes all of your constructive input.
- You can provide your views on participating enterprises, and any positive or negative information, as we welcome your input anytime.

4. Develop evaluative skills for determining whether corporations merit investment.
- Understand international investors perspectives and methods for investing in Taiwan enterprises.

5. Participation in the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) evaluation efforts, and sharing in contributing positivity to recognize and encourage leading Taiwan enterprise’s corporate sustainability results.
- Enhance your corporate standing, aid in enhancing corporate value, and work to create social force for positive change.

II. Judges’ enterprises will benefit from
1. Understanding the strengths of their own enterprise, and their corporate efficacy in the eyes of others.

2. Train enterprise professionals for corporate sustainability.

3. Understand the progress and results of Taiwan’s corporate sustainability, as a model from which your enterprise may borrow.

4. Improve your enterprise’s corporate sustainability reportage.

5. Enhance enterprise motivation through comparison with other corporations.

6. Understand the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) transparent judging process and principles.