TCSA (Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards)
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1. The Outstanding Corporate Sustainability Professionals

1. Domestic Enterprises
2. Foreign Enterpries
1. People Development Awards
2. Creativity in Communication Awards
3. Growth through Innovation Awards
4. Transparency and Integrity Awards
5. Social Inclusion Awards
6. Climate Leadership Awards
7. Sustainable Water Management Awards
8. Supply Chain Management Awards
9. Circular Economy Leadership Awards

1. Corporate Sustainability Report Awards

Outstanding Corporate Sustainability Professionals Awards

The Most Prestigious Sustainability Award - Top Ten Domestic Corporates 

The Most Prestigious Sustainability Award - Top Three Foreign Corporates

People Development Awards

Creativity in Communication Awards

Growth through Innovation Awards - Manufacturing Group

Growth through Innovation Awards - Services Group

Transparency and Integrity Awards

Social Inclusion Awards - Manufacturing Group

Social Inclusion Awards - Services Group

Social Inclusion Awards - Finance & Insurance Group

Climate Leadership Awards

Sustainable Water Management Awards

Supply Chain Management Awards

Circular Economy Leadership Awards

Corporate Sustainability Report Awards