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2015 will be a watershed year for CSR, so as CSR preparation will benefit enterprises,
don’t you want to diagnose your abilities to enhance your corporate reportage efforts?
The “Corporate Sustainability Reportage Leadership Training Course” represents your critical key to the era of CSR!

I. Overview:
The Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (hereafter TAISE) aims to promote industry participation in corporate sustainability information disclosure efforts, and since 2008 began hosting the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) now in their eighth year, earning accolades from industry and civil society. TAISE assists enterprises in training sustainability professionals, ensuring access to information and skills for enhancing corporate competitiveness and values, explaining the TCSA evaluation indicators framework, and thus stimulating enterprise evaluation reportage quality. We thereby strengthen corporate sustainability information disclosure contents, and it is for these purposes we now offer this Corporate Sustainability Reportage Leadership Training Course.

II. Purposes:
1. Provide systematic professional coursework in CSR, improving corporate executives and professionals’ CSR strategic planning and report preparation capabilities.
2. Through the coursework appreciate international CSR standards.
3. Learn about evaluating the quality of reportage, enhancing corporate sustainability reportage standards.

III. Hosted by: Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy
     Co-organized with: Ernst & Young Accountants

IV. Dates and times: First Session, Friday, April 17, 09:15-17:00
                             Second Session, Tuesday, April 28, 09:15-17:00

V. Location: Ernst & Young Accountants 2nf Fl. Learning Development Center
                 (#333, Keelung Rd. Section One, Hsin Yi District, Taipei)

VI. Participants: prior participants who completed training in any one of the Taiwan Institute of Sustainable Energy’s previous Corporate Sustainability Reportage Workshops.

VII. Costs: NT$2000/person (wire transfer fees at your own expense)

VIII. Course schedule: