TCSA (Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards)

Top Three Foreign Corporates received 2016 TCSA from Taiwan Vice President Chien-Jen Chen

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It is the first time for "The Most Prestigious Sustainability Award – Top Three Foreign Corporates" in TCSA. The very first group of prize-winners are Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company(3M), Mercedes-Benz, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise & HP Inc.. The ceremony was held on November 23rd 2016 at Howard Civil Service International House Convention Hall, there were about 500 attendees witnessed this historical moment for Taiwan history. TAISE invited Taiwan Vice President Chien-Jen Chen as presenter, 3M CEO Chi-Wei Hsu, Mercedes-Benz CEO Ekart Mayer, HPE & HP Inc. President Kuo-Kun Hsiao will represent their company to receive awards from VP Mr. Chen. All three foreign enterprise all happen to coincide stated that they will continue to put effort into making CSR a core value for their organization and serve as a model for all foreign enterprise in Taiwan.

                                                     VP Mr. Chen(left) and 3M CEO Chi-Wei Hsu

                                          VP Mr. Chen(left) and Mercedes-Benz CEO Ekart Mayer

                                            VP Mr. Chen(left) and HP(Taiwan) President Kuo-Kun Hsiao