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2019 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards Overview Public Announcement and New Category Highlights

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The 2018 Awards Ceremony: Through this exceptional global stage, allow the international community to bear witness to Taiwan’s success in exemplary sustainability performance!

The Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Academy will be hosting the 12th Annual 2019 TCSA and the official registration notice will be released today, March 18. One of the key highlights of this year’s event will be new award category qualifications; major corporations with 2018 annual operating income in excess of NT$6 billion, and the second cohort of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises with 2018 annual operating income under NT$6 billion, who are especially encouraged to participate. The Awards will open for registration from May 13, with the relevant Selection Criteria announcement and detailed events outlines available at the official event website ( for more information.

The event’s Chief Convenor, Ambassador Eugene Chien explained, the Awards to date have enjoyed participation of 236 corporations, with annual operating income constituting 82% of Taiwan’s GDP, evincing the event as a critical platform for benchmark enterprises to display their sustainability prowess and success. As major international enterprises assiduously endeavor to advance their global supply chains’ sustainable development and value-added innovation and creation, many downstream business opportunities are arising across the three key dimensions of enhancing the environment, advancing the social equality, justice and welfare, and deploying strong corporate governance. This year’s awards will take into account consideration of corporate size and resource allocation to realize empowered participation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises to reveal their CSR performance to the world.

Ambassador Chien also noted, that in accord with the accumulated expertise and experience in hosting the TCSA over the years, from the early era when many firms envisioned the CSR concept as about corporate public relations, images, or charitable activities, towards the popular evolution of awareness and understanding of the precepts of formally realizing core corporate competencies and values, improving investment value, raising corporate sustainable efficacy, and integrating with financial investments. The latest TWNSI evaluations have selected the top 40 best overall ESG performing enterprises for inclusion in the index, comprising some 46.34% of overall market capitalization. The index constituents have been recognized in the TCSA Awards, as repeat winners, representing the high quality standards of the Awards, and revealing the positive dynamic and acceleration forward on the learning curve of Taiwan’s corporations through realizing corporate sustainable competitiveness in the TCSA platform.

The Awards are categorized into the four major groupings of the Corporate Comprehensive Performance Award, Best Performance of Specific Category Award, Corporate Sustainability Report Award, and Outstanding Corporate Sustainability Professionals Award, and to ensure the judging and selection are fair, honest, and transparent, in 2018 we had 343 volunteer judges and 92 scholars and experts, for a total of a massive judging pool of 435 members sharing in the evaluation work, to achieve certain objectivity.

As we all face our ever evolving environments, it is only through unabated courage and commitment to permanence, that the organizers are able to invite all our outstanding domestic enterprises, hospitals, and international corporations to join in expanding and advancing the scope of CSR precepts, realizing positive social leadership, change driving, and resource stewardship, so we can all work together toward achieving our mutual sustainable future; for more event information or to learn about our voluntary judge training courses, please visit our official event website,, or call Mr. C.I. Jeng, for more information at 02-2768-2655.